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A Glimpse of Teksas Wonocolo, Bojonegoro

Wonocolo or Teksas Wonocolo is an area in Kedewan Sub-district, Bojonegoro District, East Java which has oil mining which is still managed in the traditional way until now. Its suspected as one of the oldest oil mining site in Indonesia, it has been in operation since 1900s and nowadays there are approximately 720 oil wells still in operation. The mining activity is operated in the traditional way with automobile engines, using teak rigs. The top of the Wonocolo anticline has a height of approximately 450 m above sea level, while the shallow drilling is about 200 m from the top of the crease. Thus the position of oil  Wonocolo reservoir is still above sea level and considered as the most shallow in Indonesia, even in the world. Now, the location is known as Teksas Wonocolo, since the environmental condition is similar to Texas, USA.

In 2016, Government of Bojonegoro and PT. Pertamina started to initiate mine closure program named Geopetroleum Heritage Wonocolo. The program aims to transform Wonocolo ex-mining area into an educational and historical tourism object with the tagline of “Texas van Java”. However, within two years of its implementation, Geopetroleum Heritage Wonocolo has not succeeded in making people eliminate dependence on oil mining. In 2018, After Mining team will work together with local youth, local government and all related stakeholders to achieve the goals of Wonocolo’s Mine Closure Program,  create an ecosystem for young people in Wonocolo and related stakeholders to determine and solve mine closure problems as well as promote sustainable development for post mining closure. More info on Teksas Wonocolo and Bojonegoro, you may find it through instagram @discoverbojonegoro or  www.wisatabojonegoro.com and www.dinbudpar.bojonegorokab.go.id.

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